Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our last Saturday night

Almost the whole year we've kept up a tradition for Saturday nights. We'd head to the Ajijic, San Antonio or San Juan Cosala plaza mejor and eat tacos at a taco stand.

My favorite are in San Antonio. Dave, Jane and I get the Tacos Adobada. Riley, Charlie and Milli get the Bistek. Adobada is Bistek with a spicy sauce on them.
Dave likes the Tacos al Pastor in Ajijic best, they are pork done on a spit.

San Antonio has lots of toppings which is pretty unusual in Mexico. Most tacos stands we've been to only have onion, cilantro and lime to put on them.

The kids always get soda with their tacos. Saturday is one of the few times we let them get soda. I usually get horchata, a rice and cinnamon drink that reminds me of watery rice pudding. Charlie often ends up drinking all of my first cup full.

Frequently after we get tacos, we go to the nearby heladeria (ice cream shop) and get ice cream or popsicles. My favorite is a lime popsicle or a Magnum bar. I know Dave will soon start having Magnum bar withdrawals. He ate a ton of these. We've had them before in Europe, but never seen them in the US. The ice cream and popsicles are usually made right in the store. (Except the Magnums).
I was glad we had our last Saturday night free to have our tradition one last time. We'll miss it.


BabinBlogger said...

I love tacos, horchata and Magnum bars! What a fun family tradition. So when are you going to do your family year in France?

The Farmer's Wife said...

Hi my name is Rachelle, and I too live in Mexico. I am curious to know more about you and your experiences....How much longer do you have in Mexico?

Reed's Rat Race said...

Magnum Bars FTW!!!

I used to eat those things all the time while I was in South Africa. I had forgotten all about them until your blog Carrie.

Alisa and Jared said...

Wow! How did I miss your last posts for Mexico? Suddenly they showed up in my blog feeds, as if they're brand new?! I'm so confused!

Anyhow--WOW about the van. I can't believe that happened--but of course, I CAN believe it took that many tries to finalize the great deal for getting it fixed :-) Haha...oh, Mexico!!

Yummy...I think I finally lost my taste for "Tex-Mex", because now what I crave is REAL Mexican food!